Music For All
From EDM and hip-hop to rock and classical orchestra, discover a world of music, where creativity meets expression.
Film Scoring Expertise
Unveil the potential of your visuals with emotive, immersive soundscapes. Experience impeccable orchestration with the finest instruments.
Music Videos
Turn your music into a masterpiece. Our video production team will create stunning visuals that match your sound and style.
Meticulous Mixing
Take your music to its fullest potential with precise engineering, enhanced depth, and outstanding stereo image.
Music For All
From EDM and hip-hop to rock and classical orchestra.
Film Scoring Expertise
We create emotive, immersive soundscapes with impeccable orchestration.
Music Videos
We create stunning visuals matching your sound and style.
Meticulous Mixing
Precise engineering for enhanced depth and stereo image.

Award-Winning Composer and Mixing Engineer

Your voice. Your vision. Our studio.

Music producer? Arranger? Composer? Mixing Engineer?

Look no further.

With over seven years of experience producing soundtracks that won Best Music and Mixing in several film festivals around the world, we have the knowledge, resources, and connections to help your project reach its fullest potential. We offer a range of services, from audio editing and music arrangement to video production and 5.1 surround mixing. Whether you are just starting out or a veteran artist, your project will be accomplished with meticulous detail and craftsmanship.

K. M. Joshi

Introducing Our Metronome

Use the metronome to practice scales, exercises, or entire pieces of music with consistent rhythm and timing.

K. M. Joshi

Happy New Year 2081 B. S.!

We at Eternal Scoring Studio wish you all a successful and joyous year full of music! Several projects are in progress, and we are beyond


Film Scoring

As the name suggests, Eternal Scoring Studio is a music studio passionate about film scoring. We guarantee a one-stop solution for your soundtrack needs. We can compose, orchestrate, and produce music for any film, from drama to comedy, horror to sci-fi, and everything in between.

Our work has won Best Music, Sound Mixing, and Sound Design in multiple international awards around the world including Oniros Film Festival, IndieX Film Festival, and Independent Shorts Awards.

Music Production

Unleash your sound with top-notch music production services. Whether it’s pop, R&B, rock, blues, EDM, trap, or hip-hop, we can make your music dreams come true.

Mixing & Mastering

Experience the magic of award-winning mixing and mastering services. With a proven track record of excellence, we’ll bring your music to life, ensuring every note hits just right.

Audio Recording

Unleash your inner artist at our homely studio, where your voice seamlessly overlays onto any existing track. Experience premium quality at a price that won’t break the bank.

Audio Editing

Transform your audio experience with cutting-edge audio editing, vocal tuning, and cleaning up recordings. Let your singing, podcast, social media reels, or vlogs shine!

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K. M. Joshi

Composer/Sound Designer


Sayanta Das

Video Lead/Graphics Designer

RexVFX Studios

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Drum Programmer


Music Producer


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