About Us

Eternal Scoring Studio is a music production studio based in Kathmandu, Nepal, owned by K. M. Joshi. We have partners beyond the Nepalese border, like RexVFX and Shruda, to offer you the best work possible. We offer various services, including film scoring, music production, sound design, video production, and graphics design. Beyond that, we are exploring more opportunities with everything involved in filmmaking and music production. These include reviews, blog articles, videos, etc.

Our Approach

Music and sound can take a film experience to the next level. So, we are focused on ensuring impeccable audio that closely matches what’s on screen. We offer world-class music composition and mixing with no compromises.

Likewise, we give the time and effort to present the best versions of your songs. We’re confident that, like all of our previous clients, you’ll be left in awe by our collaborative approach. We make suggestions tailored to your project, style, and ability, and we are ready to listen to your ideas every time.

And if you want to make songs with music videos, we know how to tell stories with audio and video. We’ll create an in-depth plan for your project comprising everything, from the lyrics and music to the video shooting and editing.

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